11/6/08 Happy Birthday to my cousin, Rocio. She turns….well, let's just say she and I are the exact same age. And by the way, I'm 50!! ☺

Today I was back at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and had a chance to speak with Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, the two young stars of Slumdog Millionaire, the excellent movie I saw a couple of days ago. These kids could not be cooler and more excited to be in Hollywood and to talk about this film. They are both unknowns here in the States but after these performances, my guess is we'll be seeing lots more of them. And let me tell you: Miss Pinto is one of the most beautiful young girls I've ever seen. I mean she is stunningly beautiful. And if you go see this film - and I really hope you do - be sure and stay through the credits. That's all I'll say about that!

Tomorrow, I'm taking a day "off" work…because I have so much work to do! Allow me to explain: I've ask my New York peeps if they can "fill-in" for me and do all my daily writing tomorrow because here's ALL I have on my schedule: I'll be right back at the Four Seasons for the Transporter 3 junket, then at 5:30p I'm going to see Twilight (I know, I know Katelin, Aly, just about every other teen girl I know, I wish I could take you all), then immediately after that, I have to race across town to see the new Sean Penn movie, Milk, which I hear is very good. Sean Penn has always been one of my favorite actors anyway, so I'm really looking forward to it. CRAZY busy day tomorrow! I'll tell you about it on Saturday…maybe, because Saturday I have the Milk junket, the Twilight junket AND a 5:30p interview with the very cool young singer/songwriter Brett Dennen, who I first saw and heard at last summer's Coachella Festival, followed by his concert at one of my favorite L.A. venues, the Hotel Café in Hollywood. I know, pretty boring, huh!


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