10/29/08 Three nights ago, I was in the same room with Bono from U2, a man, who as anybody who's ever met me for 5 minutes knows, I admire tremendously, not just for the great songs he writes, records and performs, but for all of his fantastic work as a social activist, fighting against the spread of AIDS in Africa and working to eradicate poverty through his many charitable organizations, including the ONE Campaign, of which I'm a proud member. Well this morning I was on the phone with Shakira, someone I consider to be the Bono of Latin America, for all the same reasons I admire Bono, only her efforts are focused on helping children in Latin America. Picture the scene: It was 9 in the morning, I'm sitting at my computer desk, still in my PJs and I called into a special phone number to be a part of a nationwide conference call in which Shakira was talking about her efforts to stimulate and promote early childhood development and erase hunger and poverty. I'm on the phone….TALKING TO SHAKIRA!!!! It really doesn't get much better than that. She's bright, caring, informed, compassionate, passionate and extremely talented…and sexy as hell!! And she's on the other end of my telephone!! Pinch me! No, really, Shakira, PLEASE pinch me! ☺

God, on the COMPLETELY other end of that spectrum, this Friday I get to…make that, I HAVE to speak with Paris Hilton. She has an absolutely crappy new movie coming out called Repo! The Genetic Opera that is supposed to be a cross between Rocky Horror Picture Show and Blade Runner. I've seen it: it's a cross between really bad and horrible!

Thankfully, I've got something much more exciting coming up this Thursday: Bree has invited me to join her for the one-woman play The Lady with All the Answers, the Ann Landers story, starring Bree's friend Mimi Kennedy (the mom on Dharma & Greg).


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