10/31/08 I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason. Last night I had a wonderful time with Bree at the beautiful Pasadena Playhouse where we saw her friend Mimi Kennedy in the great one-woman play The Lady with All the Answers, the story of advice columnist Ann Landers. I had no idea until I saw this play how very cool Ann Landers was in real life. She was very hip, very forward thinking for her time. Kudos to Mimi for a great job! We went backstage to say hello after the show and after exchanging hellos and congratulations, we decided to go out and celebrate with a margarita…or two, where we got into a long and wonderful discussion about this Tuesday's election. Mimi is just as cool – and intelligent – as Bree is on all current affairs. It was fantastic to sit and listen to these two very smart women talk about stuff so near and dear to my heart as well. VOTE!

OK, so I told you earlier that I believe everything happens for a reason. This morning I was supposed to talk to Paris Hilton about her piece of crap movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera. Well much to my delight, when I got to the hotel where the press junket was being held, A) it turned out they decided to make it one big press conference with several cast members, but B) there were NO microphones set up for us radio guys to record sound. So guess what I did: I split faster than you can say…REPO!…uh, ME GO…HOME!! And I did. The studio people apologized left and right, and I let them, but I was happy not to have to talk to a seemingly "dumb blonde" (which, sadly, she is) about a dumb movie. I went home to finish my daily writing so I could be ready for Sunday night's Experience Hendrix concert at the Greek Theatre. I'm happy that I'll be taking Bill Thomas, my former St Joseph's School classmate Jackie Gilman's husband, with me. It will give me another chance to thank him – and her – for all the work they did for our reunion about a month back.


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