11/4/08 ELECTION DAY!!! I'm hoping today turns out to be a VERY historic day for this country! I've been a proud Barack backer since day one and though I still have no voice – literally – I will be leaving in just a few minutes to lend my voice – symbolically – to what I hope will be an Obama win tonight!

Last night began a very crammed movie week. Thankfully, I saw not one but two GREAT, GREAT (yes, TWO greats for EACH film) movies. If Slumdog Millionaire isn't in the Oscars hunt, it would be a crime. What a fantastic film, one I HIGHLY recommend. Without giving anything away, a kid who grows up in the slums of Bombay eventually goes on to win $1 million of India's version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. But that's not the story…the real story is how he did it and the journey he takes to get to where he ends up. Just a fantastic film!

The second great, great movie I saw yesterday was actually a documentary called Pray the Devil Back to Hell, an amazing true story of a group of African women who band together and demand an end to civil war in Liberia. This will be one of those incredible movies that you will not find at the local megaplex, so go out and find it and do yourself a favor: watch this movie in order to once again be educated on and convinced that non-violent protest does work. Remember: revolution begins in your own heart!


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