9/22/08 I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. As you all may recall, mine started Friday night with a Lindsey Buckingham concert at The Grove in Anaheim (thanks again, Dan!). Saturday night I was at The Greek Theatre (again!) to see a fantastic double bill featuring two of the greatest voices in the history of music – and I DO NOT exaggerate – Al Green and Gladys Knight. Yesterday, I spent all day and night backstage (actually the "Media Tent" located on the top level of a parking structure across the street from the Nokia Theatre in downtown L.A.) covering the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. More on that later, but first, let me tell you a bit about Saturday's Al Green/Gladys Knight concert.

I was happy to be able to invite my cousin Rocio to join me for the show. As I've said a million times – in this blog and in-person – to everyone I know, nothing makes me happier than to be able to share all the wonderful events I'm blessed to be able to attend. I've invited Rocio to many, many, many events throughout the years, but we've never been able to coordinate schedules, etc. Well, tonight I was glad that she could join me for what turned out to be an amazing show. I was also happy to be able to treat her to a very nice well, experience: VIP parking, VIP passes, great, great seats and a great, great show. Gladys opened the show with a plethora of her hits. What a voice!!! I'd seen her last year at the Hollywood Bowl but tonight's show was extra special because she sung so many of the great songs Rocio and I had grown up loving. Then, it was Al Green's turn to come onstage and sing hit-after-hit-after-hit-after-hit-after-hit!!! What a voice….what a performer…what a musical treasure we have in Al Green. This was the third time I had the honor and deep pleasure of seeing "The Reverend" live in concert: first, at the massive concert in Cleveland during the opening weekend celebrations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Second, in Washington, DC when I went back to help produce one of two major concerts/benefits immediately following 9/11. That night, I had the honor of briefly meeting Al when he stopped by our broadcast trailer for a few minutes on-air.

Both Rocio and I were young kids and early teens when Al Green and Gladys Knight were in the prime of their careers and cranking out all the great hits we all know. To be able to see them live – together – all these years later and still sounding soooo good is a blessing, indeed. Rocio, I hope you had a good time. I'm happy you were finally able to join me for a very, very special event. Let's do it again some other time!

OK, following Saturday great concert, I had to get up, grab a cup of coffee, put on my tuxedo (YEP, I actually have one…a thrift store find, purchased especially for occasions like the Oscars and the Emmys, where I'm required to wear one) and head down to the Nokia Theatre in downtown L.A. to cover the Emmys. Now, before I say this, ANYONE who knows me well will understand when I say the following: 1) I watch VERY little TV, so I know VERY little about TV shows and even less about TV actors and actresses. 2) I LOVE the Dallas Cowboys and they played the Green Bay Packers yesterday. So, where do you think I would rather be? Backstage at the Emmys or on my couch watching the Cowboys beat the Packers? Hmm, football? TV stars I know nothing about?

OK, that said, I know a million people would love to trade places with me and be in the same room as the biggest television stars in the world, so you know I'm not REALLY complaining. I know how blessed I am but honestly, covering these awards shows (Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, etc) makes for a very, very long day and night of work. Yes, it is WORK!. The bottom line is this: I was seated at my assigned spot in the Media Tent at The Emmys by 1p yesterday afternoon, and my head hit the pillow at about 2AM this morning!!! Now, ALL THAT SAID, I'm blessed to do what I do, no complaints at all, but I do enjoy some aspects of my job more than others. Plus, I'm a music guy!!!

Music – television – movies. Those are the 3 worlds I live in and Thursday and Friday I'll be in movie land: Thursday I'll see the new Leo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe film Body of Lies and Friday I'll talk to both of them about the film. As I said, no complaints!


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