10/4/08 What can I say…last night, I saw Carlos Santana in concert!! Normally, that would be ALL I would need to say about that because as many of you know, he is MY MAN!!! He is one of the most amazing human beings walking the Earth! Needless to say, he is one of the most incredible musicians on the planet! Normally, that would be ALL I would need to say. But tonight was special…extra special! I've seen Santana in concert close to 70 times in my life, and a few of those times, I was able to take my then very young daughters with me. In fact, if memory serves me well, BOTH of my girls' first rock concerts were most likely Santana in concert. So last night, I saw Santana with my now-24-year old daughter Angie, and, as it turned out, my sister Connie and Angie's mom, Irma. The extra special part of last night was that, for the first time, I was able to enjoy Santana in concert with Angie as an adult, where she could REALLY appreciate Santana's amazing musicianship, his incredible stage show and ALL the great songs she's grown up with, literally since she was born!!

We were lucky enough to get four tickets because I'd been given two from the folks at the Nokia Theatre and Angie got two as well, since the Nokia is a client of her PR firm, MSO. We were also lucky enough to get passes to the VIP lounge
and, as luck would have it, I happened to walk into Michael Jensen, Carlos' longtime publicist and my longtime friend, as we walked into the VIP lounge before the show
began. He was nice enough to bring all four of us "After Show" passes so we could hang out in the lounge after the show. Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how amazing the show was, so, again, I'll just share my review, but let's just say it was another magical night with family and the music of one of the most impressive – and important – man in my life: Carlos Santana!! Not a bad way to spend a Friday night…not bad, at all!!!!!

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