9/27/08 I had NO plans to write anything today but felt compelled to do so for two reasons: 1) Last night's party for GTM was even better than I'd expected it would be. All of us shared lots and lots of tears – both of joy and sadness – and we all shared lots and lots of laughs. Many, many thanks to our hosts Rona Elliott and Michael Jensen for giving all of us GTM fans and friends an opportunity to share our love for a man who, for five years, was my human "firewall" at Rockline before any of had even heard the term "firewall." 2) I met a very cool, very lovely woman last night: Bree Walker. People in L.A., New York and San Diego may know her as a former television anchorwoman and reporter. But what you might not know – and I did NOT know – was that Bree started out as a rock and roll DJ. She's a "rock chick" as well as a very intelligent and passionate social activist. It was definitely my very unexpected pleasure to meet her last night. You just never know!!

Tomorrow I'm joining to another very cool event, only this one has absolutely nothing to do with music, movies or anything work-related…at all! Tomorrow, I'll be attending a reunion of the St. Joseph's School Class of 1972!! Yep, I'm going to see friends of mine from grade school and junior high (I went to a Catholic school from 1-8th grade!) that I've not seen in OVER 35 YEARS!! How cool is that?!


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