10/6/08 I saw a GREAT film tonight: The Boy In the Striped Pajamas. And I invited my new friend, Bree Walker, to join me. She and I met for a quick drink before shooting up the block to see this great piece of work. I'm so glad I had someone to share this movie with. The movie studio PR people often email or call me after I see a film to ask my opinion or offer a quote they can use in their promotional pieces. In this case, I had a very simple, succinct thing to tell them: "This film is equally as difficult to watch as it is important to see." This is another one of those movies that I'm sure won't make a dime at the box office but I HIGHLY recommend you search it out and see it. And Bree, thanks for the company!!

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Susan S. said...

Thanks for the rewview, Dustin and I were debating on seeing this film. We will now try to defenitly go see it.