9/29/08 Yesterday's St. Joseph's School (Holy Jose, I affectionately call it) reunion was a BLAST! I spent the night at my old friend Tony Zam's house – the VERY house he and I ran around in when we were grade school kids! The very house where we played spin-the-bottle, where we listened to record albums, where we played baseball, football, soccer in his front yard and on his driveway. What a cool trip back in time.
Many, many thanks to Mark Dunn, Roni Treckman and Jackie Gilman for all their hard work making yesterday's reunion happen. What a cool trip it was to see John Lydon, John Rodriguez, Jim Ryan, Terri Weller, Alex Costa, Sue Moore, Robert Meyung, Michelle Juif, John West, etc, etc, etc after more than 35 years!!!!! Hey, at my age, these types of memories are priceless. I've sent Cindy a handful of VERY OLD and brand new photos of my Holy Jose friends so you guys can see how well we've all aged! Click here for more reunion pictures!
Well, this Friday night I get to spend the evening with two of my favorite people on the planet: my beautiful daughter, Angie, and Carlos Santana!! We're going to see Santana at the Nokia Theatre in downtown. What can I say: a night of Santana music in the company of my daughter….life is good!!!!



Susan S. said...

I totally forgot you were a St. Joshep's boy. What e great experience to be able to see old friends. I have a few friends that also attended St. Josephs and have also been asked to come to a reunion.

Jim Villanueva said...

Susan: Wow, I didn't even remember that YOU went to Holy Jose!! Yeah, it's fun to reconnect. In fact, I got together with 5 former St. Joe's friends this past Friday...we had a blast!