6/29/09 Singer-songwriter Keaton Simons tonight played a brief acoustic set at the Opium Lounge in Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills. I'd never been to this venue before, and based on conversations I had with a few folks in attendance, it seemed like this may have been the first night ever music had been performed there. The setup in the room was a bit strange, with a mix of folks there for dinner, waiting for their tables, and those of us there strictly for the performance. Despite the unique surroundings, Keaton soldiered on, and delivered heartfelt performances of several songs found on his current Can You Hear Me (an appropriate title for tonight's performance, for sure) album. Standout songs from the CD, and tonight's performance, include "Without Your Skin," "Good Things Get Better," "Misfits," and the title track. Catch Keaton's cuts at Thanks to my friend, April, for joining me tonight, and a special hello to my new friend, Lisa Hughes, whom I met this evening. It was a pleasure.

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