6/23/09 Following an uncharacteristically quiet week, capped by a beautiful Father's Day spent BBQing in the company of my two daughters at my sister Patty's house, last night Mark and I caught Wilco at the Wiltern (try saying that 10 times fast) Theatre. Both Mark and I are fans, but I'd never seen them in concert. Man, what a great, great show. The band was much louder than I'd expected, often playing big, brash tunes cranked up to 11, featuring a triple electric guitar attack I was not expecting. When I think of Wilco, I think more acoustic, more AAA, earthier, more twang. There was all of that as well, but the band flexed its muscle just as often as it turned down its amps. I'll say this: I'm a much bigger Wilco fan after last night's show.

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