6/28/09 Man, did Aly and I catch a break on the weather today at the Warped Tour stop in Ventura. This is the 3rd or 4th year Aly and I have covered and enjoyed the Ventura show, and each year it's been HOT!! VERY HOT!! Today, the ocean breeze was keeping the temperature down considerably. My thanks to Aly for videotaping my backstage interviews with Saosin, TV/TV, and Alexisonfire. I'm hoping I'll be able to share some of the footage here soon. Or I'll put it up on my website, www.currentclassics.com. All of these guys were very cool, and I enjoyed each of my brief conversations with them. For me, easily, the standout performance of the day was TV/TV. They have an excellent pop rock sensibility, and therefore are obviously much more melodic than most bands on the Warped Tour. And because this year's lineup didn't really include a real big name Aly and I wanted to see as a headliner, we left early, got lunch in downtown Ventura, and headed home. People, I was in bed by 10!!!!!! Next up: Keaton Simons tomorrow night.

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