5/29/09 I saw a very talented and dear friend, Colin Devlin of The Devlins, perform last night at the very intimate Largo, now on La Cienega Blvd. and NOT Fairfax as I discovered when my friend Mark and I walked up to the OLD location. I confess I love The Devlins music: it's equal parts sexy, soothing, and often a sonic lifesaver for what ails you emotionally. Colin debuted a host of songs off his forthcoming solo album, Democracy of One, including "Raise the Dead," "Strategies," "What Good Is Love," "The Heart Won't Be Denied," and "Refuge." The album isn't out in America…yet, but you can buy it at, and I strongly encourage you to do so. Colin remains one of my favorite songwriters, and as I told him after the show when we had a few minutes to chat and get caught up, I've included many of his songs in LOTS and LOTS of mix CDs, and I've turned many people on (a few females, literally! ;-)) to The Devlins. If you're in L.A. on June 18, Colin will be back at Largo…on LA CIENEGA…for another acoustic set. Guys, bring a date and I guarantee you will be well, rewarded later, because as Colin sings, "The heart won't be denied!" Well done, Colin. I'll see you on June 18, my friend!!

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