6/5/09 If Wednesday night at the Pennywise/Pepper show was as loud and aggressive an event as it can be, yesterday was the exact opposite. I had the pleasure of driving up the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway to the equally gorgeous Malibu, CA to spend some time conversing with Howard Leese, longtime Heart guitarist/producer, and most recently, guitarist and musical director for "The Voice," Paul Rodgers' band. Howard was kind enough to invite me to his beautiful home tucked in the Malibu hillside (what an INCREDIBLE view) to talk about his upcoming solo album, Secret Weapon. And I was lucky enough to have my dear, longtime (not OLD, right Cheri? J) friend, Cheri Smith join me to videotape our conversation. Look for it on soon. As I told Cheri on the drive up, I've been blessed enough to have been invited to speak with several rock stars at their homes (Carlos Santana, Alice Cooper, Dave Mason, Carmine Appice, Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens, etc.), and it was wonderful to have our conversation while sitting in Howard's home studio, which was beautifully adorned with scores of gold and platinum albums as well as great photographs of him with Ann and Nancy Wilson, among other fellow musicians. Hopefully, you'll be able to see some of the d├ęcor when I get the video of our conversation up on my Current Classics website. My thanks once again to Howard for inviting me up to his home, for the great stories about Heart, Paul Rodgers, and Led Zeppelin, among others. And my very special thanks to Cheri for taking a few hours out of her workday to videotape our chat, and for lunch. Cheri rocks, Cheri rolls, Cheri really knows her way around a camera. Thank you!

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