The indie music marketing classic ...

Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook

201+ ways to promote your music, now revised and updated!

As seen in the major motion picture The School of Rock ... and in VIBE, Music Connection, Electronic Musician and American Songwriter magazines

There's never been a better time to be an independent artist. The rules have changed, and they keep on changing -- for the better. Artists have more power to control their own careers than at any time in history. But change and empowerment can be confusing (especialy when it comes to marketing and sales).

That's why you need this classic guide to low-cost, do-it-yourself music promotion -- now revised and updated for 2007.

With this manual, you'll discover that music marketing doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. Whether you're promoting a fast-growing indie label or a one-man or one-woman act from your basement, the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook gives you the tools you need to get the maximum bang for your buck!

"The most directly applicable, start-tomorrow, creatively inspiring book I've ever seen on promoting your music!" -Derek Sivers, president of CD Baby

Bob Baker's advice is practical and concise. There is GREAT material in this book, and it helped me put my Internet and alternative marketing ideas to good use. This is a fantastic book!" -Geoff Byrd, GarageBand.com's best-rated artist of 2004

"Applying many of Bob's ideas, and without any wholesaling or distribution, I sold more than 20,000 CDs and cassettes of my music over the last five years. Using his suggestions, I increased my fan base by 35% in just one year. Pretty good for a non-performing artist who does all studio work. Bob is the master of music marketing!" -Kris Lee-Scott, Hanai Music

"When you're ready for a Master Class on self-promotion, grab Bob Baker's Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook. There's a reason this has gone to multiple editions!" -Joe Taylor Jr., author of "Grow Your Band's Audience"

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