8/9/08: Last Sunday, I had breakfast at the Four Seasons prior to interviewing Ben Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr. and Jack Black for Tropic Thunder. This after noon, I had brunch at the Beverly Hilton Hotel prior to speaking with British actor Steve Coogan for his very funny new film, Hamlet 2. Steve also happens to be in Tropic Thunder. For those who've seen it, he plays the director of the movie inside the movie. Steve's a very cool guy, surprisingly laidback for a comedian. I'll tell you this, I'd be very pleasantly surprised if this movie does well at the box office, and that's probably why I liked it. As my sister Connie always says, "Jim likes all the movies most people don't like." I take that as a huge compliment. What she means is I'm not a big fan of the Hollywood blockbuster, bombs exploding, people flying, computer-generated extravaganzas. Silly me, I actually like movies with characters, real characters with real lives, problems, issues, who actually talk to each other in the film. You know, like movies used to be before they all turned into big-screen video games.

I promised Susan, so since I'm talking about movies, I'll well, wrap: I liked Hamlet 2, I enjoyed speaking with Steve, and if you get a chance and before it goes away, go to the movie's website,, click "Enter Site," select the Promotions page and enter access code: 9PW29RZGJ4 and download the song "Rock Me Sexy Jesus," the campy song that ends the film. But, if you're super sensitive about religion or easily offended by a fun parody of Jesus (think Monty Python-meets- Jesus Christ Superstar), then stay away from Hamlet 2 and for God's sake (get it, for God's sake), don't rock with Sexy Jesus. God bless! Life is good!

Up next, a VERY special day with my daughter, Angie. Talk about things coming completely full circle: This Wednesday, Angie and I will be speaking at MY high school journalism teacher Konnie Krislock's journalism workshop for high school seniors, held at Long Beach State University. This will be my second time speaking to the kids about well, about what I do…like this blog. And this year, Konnie asked if Angie - a big-time music biz publicist in her own right – would join me and tell her story, how she got into this crazy beautiful world of rock and roll. I'll be a real proud papa, for sure!

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