Let me just say this right off the bat: CANDLEBOX KICKS ASS!! And they proved it again last night (07/21/08) at the closet-sized Viper Room in Hollywood. A little back story: I've been a supporter and fan of Candlebox since their self-titled debut album came out in '93 or '94. I had them on Rockline so much for that great record that I literally got in trouble with my boss, who asked, "Candlebox? Again?" And every time I'd say, "Yes!" Well, about 5 million records sold later, I think I was right! And, I'm happy to say, I have a triple-platinum (3 million albums sold) album award hanging on my bedroom wall (hmm, I should take a picture and share) to prove that I was right about these guys.

So, back to last night: My friends Summer, Michelle, Mark, Mike and I witnessed a great hour+ set by the reunited (thankfully) Candlebox that featured their big hits ("Far Behind," "You," "Change," and "10,000 Horses" - one of my ALL-TIME favorites from one of my all-time "go-to" albums, Happy Pills) as well as lots of stuff off their new album, Into the Sun, which came out TODAY! New songs they played – and you should definitely be on the look out for – included the first radio single, "Stand" (Candlebox meets Led Zeppelin, I kid you not), "Underneath It All," "A Kiss Before Dying," "Surrendering" and my favorite on the new far, "Miss You," which should be a HUGE crossover smash it! Remember where you heard it first!

Right after the show, we met up with Kevin Martin, the lead singer and just an all-around great guy – and again, I'm blessed to say, a friend – to exchange hellos, congratulations and smiles for photographs. Kevin and I spoke briefly because he and I are going to see each other again tomorrow (July 23). I'll be having a full-on sit down conversation with him to discuss the new album, Into the Sun (in stores now, plug, plug, plug), so look for more photos and hopefully some audio from my chat with Kevin soon.

I'll leave you tonight with another little tease. This Thursday, July 24, I'll be speaking with Mike Peters of The Alarm backstage at the Music Box in the heart of Hollywood to talk about their latest album called Guerilla Tactics. The first time I saw The Alarm in concert is still one of, if not, the most memorable of the hundreds and hundreds of concerts I've been blessed to see. They opened for U2 at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles during U2's War tour. Aside from getting turned on to The Alarm, that show is still one of the most memorable shows in U2's Rock and Roll hall of fame career: that was the night that Bono jumped off the balcony and – luckily – into the arms of fans on the floor of the Sports Arena. All you U2 fans know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!! I was there…just two sections over from where Bono leaped into the crowd. And Mike Peters and The Alarm were there as well, and Thursday, I'll ask Mike about that night! March on!!!

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