9/12/08: Some weeks are busier than others! This past week has been crazy!!!! It started Monday with my conversation with Amos Lee and his concert in Hollywood. And speaking of "Hollywood," I put on my "Hollywood Boy" hat for the rest of the week: On Tuesday afternoon I saw a screening of Flash of Genius, starring Greg Kinnear, Lauren Graham and Alan Alda. Tuesday night I saw a film called Choke, starring Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Huston. On Wednesday, my sister Connie and I saw Righteous Kill, starring the dynamic duo of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Yesterday, I was invited to a screening of Nights In Rodanthe, starring Richard Gere and someone I've had a "thing" for for a long time, Diane Lane! That said, I was a VERY happy camper when this morning I had the pleasure – and I do mean pleasure – of interviewing Diane and Richard at my home away from home, the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Diane looked every bit as beautiful as I'd hoped she would. And as luck would have it, when she walked into the room, I happened to be standing near the door, so she smiled (I'm melting here!) and said hello! ☺ Life is good!! I know she's married and all, but I just think she's equal parts beauty and brains. And a woman in every sense of the word! These are the days – and I have many – when my job doesn't suck! Oh, and the movie is good: it gives men and women my age hope that we'll get a second chance at love. And it's not just a "chick flick" because much of it deals with Gere's character and the struggles he's going through, so guys will like it as well.

After having Diane Lane smile and say hello, and a great lunch at the Four Seasons, I could have started my weekend right then and there, but I also had to speak with Greg Kinnear and Lauren Graham later today for Flash of Genius. I've interviewed both before; both are very cool, however the movie did nothing for me.

Time now to get ready to drive up the coast tomorrow for day-one of the West Beach Music Festival in Santa Barbara. My buddy Mark and I will be driving up together and my daughter, Angie, will be there as well. Her company, MSO PR, is handling publicity for the festival and has arranged for me to interview my old friend Todd Park Mohr, lead singer and amazing lead guitar player of Big Head Todd & the Monsters! Two days of music and sun on the beach in Santa Barbara…yep, life is good!
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