The problem with having so much to write about is that I have so little time to write! Ok, enough about my decidedly great problem to have…let's rock…HARD!!

Fight - Into the Pit - Box Set (Remixed & Remastered) - Into the Pit
To Judas Priest, Fight, Halford and, for a tiny brief time, Black Sabbath fans, he is simply known as "The Metal God!" I interviewed (and by the way, that will be the last time you hear (read?) me say (write?) that I "interviewed" someone – I like to call them "conversations," so from now on, that's what they'll be) Rob Halford today (July 18) at the Hollywood "studios" of…or so I thought. The "studio" turned out to be so small we LITERALLY sat on the floor in the hallway of a Hollywood office building to talk about Fight's recently released 3-CD/1/DVD box set, Into the Pit. I've known Rob for years, going back to my days as producer of Rockline, starting in 1992. Despite the angst he displays on stage and the well, heaviness of his music, he is a wonderful guy, happy to, as he told me Friday, be able to sit and talk…anywhere. Sadly, I did not have a camera with me or I would have had someone take a picture of me and one of the biggest names in heavy metal music (Ozzy, perhaps, being the biggest) sitting on the floor talking about his decision in the early 90's to walk away from Priest to form Fight, to his recent reunion with Priest for the Nostrdamus album (in stores now…plug, plug, plug), and lots and lots of things in between. I tell you guys, and I cannot emphasize this enough, Rob Halford is a wonderful gentleman, very well spoken, very bright and just a joy to be around. And, in the interest of full disclosure (and more six degrees of separation in this tiny community we call the music business), one of my best friends in life, Mike Davis, or simply MD to me, plays bass in Halford's solo band, the aptly named Halford!! By the way, MD also plays bass in Dramarama, alongside another very good buddy – and amazing human being – John Easdale.

So, my 25 minutes and change conversation with Rob ends, I press stop on the recorder and Rob and I both walk over to the cool guy (mid-20's, I'd say) in one of the offices who I had asked prior to pressing record if we could close his door for a bit more quiet and thank him for giving us some peace and quiet. Rob and I exchange handshakes and hugs, he bolts down the hall to head directly to the airport, where he jumped on a plane headed for Seattle where Judas Priest performed in concert last night (Monday, July 21). I've just spent a well, heavenly half hour with The Metal GOD!!" It's time to start my weekend!!

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