11/8/08 I say this all the time: I am blessed!! So, when I say to you today that I am
completely beat and totally tired, I'm not complaining, it's just that I've been going non-stop since 9 this morning!!! Right now, it's 11:45p. I just got back from the Brett Dennen concert at the Hotel Café. What a cool guy and a wonderful artist.

But let me begin well, at the beginning of this long, tiring but incredible weekend, which actually began yesterday at noon with the Transporter 3 junket at the Four Seasons, yet won't end until late tomorrow night following the grand opening of the Club Nokia in downtown L.A. and Beck in concert. Again, let's rewind to yesterday. I attended a press conference with the cast of Transporter 3. I'm not afraid to tell you that I had not even heard of Transporter 1 or 2 before seeing this film on Wednesday. That said, I'd never even heard of Jason Stratham, the star of Transporter 1, 2 and 3! Well, I know who he is now. He was part of the panel that also included co-stars Natalya Rudakova, Francois Berleand and Robert Knepper, who apparently stars in Prison Break, another TV show I've never seen. Not having any clue who any of these people were, and having been less than impressed with this movie, yesterday's press conference was WORK!

After lunch at the Four Seasons (I know, life is rough), I had about an hour or so to kill before catching the Twilight screening, which, surprisingly, wasn't that bad. So since I was in a part of town I hadn't been in some time, I decided to stop into one of my old stomping grounds and a place I've spent way too much money in my life: Record Surplus on Pico Blvd. I could spend hours – and LOTS of money – in that place, but I got off pretty cheap yesterday. I only bought a couple of great old blues collections – on vinyl, of course – and a copy of Orson Wells' old radio broadcast of War of the Worlds – on vinyl, of course! Ah, that to me is heaven!!

OK, after leaving Record Surplus it was time to head over to see Twilight, which, as I said before, I kind of liked…certainly more than I expected. Obviously the movie is not aimed at my age group, so that said: it's going to be a smash!!!! Teen girls are gonna go nuts over it!! And after interviewing all of the movie's stars earlier today, I'm even more convinced that this movie is going to be HUGE!!!

As soon as Twilight was over, I literally ran to my car to be able to drive across town to catch an 8p screening of Milk, the story of Harvey Milk, the San Francisco man who was the first openly gay man to hold public office. WOW!!!!! Sean Penn is SPECTACULAR as Harvey Milk!! WOW, what an amazing movie…and story! Again, I'm no film critic but this movie has Oscars written all over it! I really loved this movie!! This is one that you should definitely see!
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OK, so ALL of that was YESTERDAY!! I really intended to tell you all about TODAY but I'm really fading fast, so I'll continue tomorrow. Right now, I've gotta get to bed, get some sleep so I can be ready to see Beck tomorrow night. To be continued…


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